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Twelve Trends We Will All Be Wearing by the End of 2019 According to Fashion Week


Viewing the next season, the largest brands, models, designers, influences and fashion editors in the world are currently on their third leg of seasonal catwalks. During this period, they are taking to Milan to showcase the landscape for the autumn and winter 2019 season. In the previous seasons, sensible shorts, large hats and tight pleats dominated the runways, therefore this is what people will be wearing across the globe during this summer season.

However, by the end of the year, things will begin to drift toward more over-the-top fashions. For instance, over-the-top prints (such as floral with clashing checks and argyle knits may be used with puffers, ruffles and sparkle fabrics). You have the next six months to prepare your clothing to become a fashionable individual that can hold his or her own amidst the sassiest of the fashionista. This article will provide information on what to place in your wardrobe for preparation, as well as what people will be wearing as soon as the autumn months hit.

#1: Unapologetic Floral Prints

Ask yourself this question: have floral prints ever been out of trend? If you think about it carefully, the print has always had some degree of popularity. Next season, however, florals are bound to become more popular than ever with all items being covered in floral print, including face masks. To prepare for this item, it is recommended that you opt for styles using a neutral base colour and a decorative petal splashed across the material.

#2: Oversized Bags

After spending several seasons cramming essential items into tiny tote bags, the upcoming season brings with its larger bags that promote space and practicality for the user. No longer are you limited to the necessities, such as your phone and lip balm; you can now carry several items in a single bag without too much concern for space usage.

#3: Checks Atop Checks

In previous seasons the popular option was clashing prints, such as stripes with polka dots. In the upcoming season, a bold trend is a more manageable one with less clashing of styles. Prepare for a single print instead of placing several atop one another, and the print will be checks – you just need to mix the colours of the checks.

#4: Tiered Ruffles

In the upcoming season, you will need to embrace the ruffle as part of your clothing design. Now, one ruffle is no longer enough, and people will need to refer to the 1920s lampshade for evening wear inspiration. It is recommended that you keep your hair tied back or use a short cut to gain maximum ruffle impact on the gowns.

#5: Waist Belts

While the cinched waist is considered a classic design, it has fallen off the radar in recent years because of a growing fondness for loose, undefined clothing among high fashion society. In the upcoming season, however, cinched waists are returning, and people will need to wrap belts around their waists regardless of the clothing item. Prepare a belt for everything from an evening gown to a knit coat or plain daily dress.

#6: Brown Leather Coats

If you have kept an eye on fashion week during the summer season, you will have noticed an increase in the use of different hues for street clothing. In the upcoming months, the base colour will become more neutral with leather materials and mid-length coats. The most popular hue will be brown, so this is worth considering if you plan to change your outdoor fashion.

#7: Pointed Toes

Are you aware of arabesques? Have you perfected demi plies and echappes? If you haven’t any idea what we are speaking about, then perhaps you should do some research into ballet definitions as this upcoming season is all about the pointed toe shoe. Now, take a step and curtsy!

#8: Argyle Knits

Argyle knits were once considered the common fashion of golfers; however, this upcoming season has the knitted sweater back in favor for people on a daily basis. Of course, argyle knits are used for cardigans and sweaters exclusively – avoid the argyle trousers. You can also pair the knit with a skirt for a comfortable day at the office or yoga pants when relaxing at home.

#9: Over-the-Top Feathering

If sequins are not your cup of tea, then using OTT feathering may be useful to create a playful design. It will be necessary to forgo sleek silhouettes and embrace bulk if you plan on going “full feather”. Elle Courbee and similar chains can help you find shape wear to wear underneath your playful feathered outfit.

#10: Corduroy Suits

Over the past six months or so, corduroy has made a slow comeback, and we predict that it will reach the masses in the upcoming season. To prepare for this comeback, it is recommended that you choose high-waisted flared trousers paired with a cinched waist jacket.

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