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Top Tips for Interview – Setting Yourself Apart from the Crowd


You will have likely been browsing the various cannabis jobs boards looking for a suitable vacancy. Sure, there are lots of opportunities, but each job will have a lot of competition. There are many new companies looking for qualified candidates, and established businesses looking to expand further, so you need to be prepared when it comes to interview. You need to demonstrate to the interviewer why you are the right person for the job, which can be hard, but is essential for landing the job.

Use the Right Language

The cannabis industry is trying to showcase itself as an industry that is trying to drop the stereotypes. This means calling cannabis “cannabis” is key, rather than saying “weed”, which has connotations with stoned teens. These sort of slang words devalue and reduce the professionalism of your interview, so make sure you do this.

Ask Questions

Anyone who is applying for a job will have plenty of questions, no matter which job you are going for. The interviewer will be very concerned and will likely bin your application if you don’t ask questions.

They will recognize that you are not genuinely engaged and serious about working in the cannabis industry if you fail to be inquizitive. Asking questions also creates a conversational tone for the interview, which makes it more relaxed and easier on you as the interviewee.

Show Desire…

If you show desire and passion in your interview, this will resonate with the interviewer and set you apart from the crowd. This is especially important if you are looking to fill a vacancy for a customer facing role.  As long as you communicate clearly and effectively, and talk about cannabis in a professional way, you will stand a good chance of getting the job.

For example, if you are trying to fill the position of a dispenser, there will be people who will visit a dispensary who will have a very limited knowledge on how to use cannabis and have little knowledge of what strains to choose. If you don’t show passion to the interviewer, they will deduce that you will not show passion to the customer.

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