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Thinking About a Care Home? There Are Other Options


Find out the best alternative to residential care and how it can provide you with a fulfilling and satisfying life in your later years.

Admitting to yourself and those around you that you need care can be a bit of a challenge. It is a bit scary admitting that you need help. It can be that bit harder if you really don’t want to go into a care home and so, hope to avoid it for as long as possible. But there are real alternatives to care homes – one to one care in your own home.

A good live-in care provider will put everything into listening to you and getting to know your needs so that they can provide a carer to suit you. They will provide different levels of care depending on your needs, ranging from Live-in care where a carer lives with you to visiting carers. Knowing the options you have when it comes to caring for the elderly is the very first step to planning later life care.

Complex Cases

You might worry that because you or your partner have a complex health need that you won’t be able to receive care in your home. There’s no need to be concerned because there are carers and nursing care specialists with specialist skills and qualifications. Regardless of your needs, there is an at-home care solution to suit you.

The Benefits Of Choosing An At-Home Carer

When you choose an experienced and professional at-home care provider, they will have everything you need to enjoy the home care services you need in your own home, with no need for you to move into residential care.

There are almost endless benefits to choosing at-home care instead of a care home. Choosing to receive care at home instead of in a care home means you benefit from:

  • Remaining in your home which is familiar to you, around all your favourite things
  • Remaining in an area familiar to you, where you know your neighbours and community
  • Staying with your beloved pets
  • Being able to stay with your partner
  • Receiving personalised care completely focused on you and your needs
  • Being able to remain in control of when you get up, eat, leave the house and have visits from friends and family
  • Continuing your favourite activities like local clubs and hobbies at home
  • Gaining companionship from a carer who is solely focused on your needs

Care homes are very difficult to get used to and recent statistics show that 97% of people wouldn’t choose to go into a care home if they became unable to care for themselves. It can be so hard to get used to a completely new environment with different people and these sudden new rules you have to abide by, and a new schedule you have to stick to. It can be very stressful on both the person going into care, and their family and friends.

With the right at-home care support, you won’t have to worry about adapting to a completely new environment. You will need to accept a period of change where you bring somebody into your home, but the benefits far outweigh this minor adjustment. You can enjoy a much better alternative to a residential home which home care services.

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