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Things You Can Do If You Want to Leave Your Job


There are many different reasons why people want to quit their jobs. That part isn’t unique. What’s unique is taking action and making your situation better via a career change or a long conversation with your employer.

Instead of outright quitting, you might be wondering what you can do to make your situation better.

First things first, it’s important to figure out the reason why you want to quit your job. It could be that you’re not making as much money as you want to, bad management, unfulfilling work, wanting to pursue a different career, or a number of other different reasons. Ask yourself why you want to quit, if you need a vacation as compared to a career change, and other questions relevant to what you’re feeling.

Once you figure out the reasons why you want to leave your job, it’s important to come up with a plan and take real action as opposed to staying complacent and not moving forward. Here are some things you can do if you want to leave your current career.

Find a replacement before you quit

While you might be stuck at a dead-end job and feel like you can’t take another day at it, one of the worst things you can do is quit without a plan. After all, there are many things to think about. Mental health is very important and only you know when it’s time to quit, but you don’t want to make the situation worse by doing so.

While income is the main area many people focus on when wanting to quit their jobs, other factors, such as health insurance, need to be included in the discussion.

The best thing you can do before quitting so your finances don’t take a hit is to start looking for new jobs while you have one. You never know how long it will take to land another job.

Go back to school

Going back to school is a viable option for people who want to change careers as well as professionals who are seeking career advancement and better job prospects.

Luckily, going back to school doesn’t necessarily mean you have to quit your job, for accredited online and continuing education degree programs exist. Thanks to these programs, you can earn your degree from the convenience of your own home. Not to mention, you can take classes around your work schedule and have a more flexible learning experience than the traditional route of on-campus students.

Going back to school allows you to learn a field, gain important knowledge, and give you credibility for your desired career. If you want to make a drastic career change and receive relevant skills and knowledge, then know you’re not alone and higher education is a great option.

Save money so you can travel

Whether this means taking a leave of absence, quitting your job, or going on a vacation, travel can help to clear your head, which could help you make the best possible decision relating to your job.

You might want to leave your job because you haven’t taken a day off for a long time. It’s not always easy to figure out if you really hate your job or are just burned out, but travel can help you recharge and come back fresh.

Start a business or side hustle

25 percent of Americans have a side business. Some people do this to make more money while others do it to follow their passions and dreams.

A side business could turn into a full-time career. However, you need money for this business and time to build it, and your current job could give you the luxury of pursuing this hustle on the side until you can afford to do it full-time.

Realistically, your side hustle could be bathroom remodeling in which you work on this venture during the nights and weekends. Not to mention, with bathroom remodeling, you might not have to find as many clients since your jobs could be large and lucrative.

When people start to resent their jobs, the first thing that tends do go through their mind is quitting. Before you take that measure, we suggest the options above.


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