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The price wars: Choosing postpaid when the price is low


Every mobile service provider is offering the lowest priced postpaid plans. So, which one is good for you, and how can you choose?

There was a time when postpaid connections were quite expensive, and only those who needed to use their phones extensively for calling and texting would opt for them. But this was years ago, when most people’s first choice was a prepaid phone connection.

Cut to today, when postpaid connections across service providers are priced really low. Call it the result of heavy competition, but every provider today has an array of plans to choose from. The prices are really low as well. It appears that you are promised the moon in exchange for a few hundred Rupees per month.

But are all these claims really worth your while? You will find that most service providers are not able to get even the basics right, like having uninterrupted networks and zero call drops. So how can you get the right postpaid connection?

How do I choose the right postpaid plan?

It appears that every postpaid provider today is offering plans at really low prices. Some of the prices across service providers are similar. So how can you find the right postpaid connection? Look for these attributes apart from the pricing:

* Excellent features in the monthly plan. The plan is priced at a certain figure, but what does it entail? Look for features like unlimited calling (local, STD and roaming), high amount of monthly data (at least 40 GB per month), data rollover, plan upgrade feature, easy online bill payment, etc.

* Easy purchase process online. You should be able to place your request for a specific postpaid connection online. Though the purchase is deemed complete only after you finish the KYC process and submit a completed application form, the postpaid provider must initiate the purchase online. Leading providers send the postpaid SIM to your residence, and complete the KYC process at your home. The SIM is activated within 24 hours.

* Add-on benefits. Just a low price is of no consequence: choose a postpaid connection that offers add-on benefits like one-year free Amazon Prime subscription, 3 months free Netflix subscription, free access to shows and films on Zee5, unlimited access to latest music with Wynk Music app, free add-on connections for your family, Handset damage repair protection, etc.

* Always-on connectivity. Of course, all benefits and features will mean nothing if the postpaid connection does not enjoy good connectivity. Having an always-on network with negligible outages and zero call drops is not possible for all service providers. This is why you must get the connection from a leading provider that consistently offers the fastest speeds every year, and the highest levels of connectivity.

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