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Strive for More Responsible Drilling for Your Underground Infrastructure

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Drilling services typically offer horizontal directional drilling services, the nature of which increases efficiency and reduces environmental impact.

For drilling wells, horizontal drilling only requires one hole, whereas vertical drilling could produce several. For installing infrastructures, such as pipes and electrical, horizontal drilling greatly reduces the workload and surface damage.

How Does Horizontal Drilling Work?

Horizontal directional drilling essential consists of three stages. This process will take place after planning and designing the path.

  • Drilling the Initial Hole: The machine operates sitting at an angle and drills into the ground. The initial drilling is done by a steerable drill that follows the path you have designed, going in one side and exiting through the other.
  • Reaming: A reaming tool is used to cut the initial hole larger; the size of this tool will depend on the size of the piping that will be going inside.
  • Pullback: This involves pulling the drill back to the starting point while grabbing a hold of the pipe and guiding it all the way through.

When Is it Necessary to Hire a Directional Drilling Service?

The market for directional horizontal drilling in Victoria is growing and is extremely useful for installing underground networks:

  • Pipelines
  • Water lines
  • Gas lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Telecommunication

Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling

There is a world of benefits that accompany this form of drilling that range from environmental to cost-effectiveness. If you are worried about ground disruption especially, horizontal directional drilling is the way to go.

  • Limited disturbance as far as soil and other landscaping
  • Ecosystem better protected
  • Better extraction
  • Safer procedure
  • Less impacted by weather conditions
  • Ability to drill underneath obstructions
  • Reduces pollution

Being able to truly reap these benefits requires careful planning and execution so hiring a professional with experience is completely necessary.

Drilling Wells for Natural Resources

Advancements in technology have allowed drilling companies to drill to predetermined depths to gather resources.

Vertical drilling means drilling straight down in multiple spots but horizontal drilling only requires penetrating the surface once. Horizontal drills change directions when they reach their destination, creating multiple wells with a single hole and ultimately gathering more resources with less environmental damage.

The Safe and Responsible Choice

Choosing a horizontal drilling method for all of your underground infrastructure is both more responsible and more effective than traditional forms of drilling. With horizontal drilling, obstructions such as buildings or roads are less of a concern.

Additionally, if you are worried about tearing up the surface area of your property, horizontal drills can do their job from one location, meaning less damage to the landscape and an all-around cleaner, more efficient drilling process.


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