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Serviced Offices – The Small Business Solution


If you ask any established company owner how it was in the beginning, you will hear stories of working 24/7 and driving the family crazy by using the home as a business centre, and when you consider the very high price tag that goes with your very own office, it isn’t at all surprising that the small business is run from a garage or spare room. A company needs to be in existence at least 3 years before they would be in a position to take out a long lease in the prestigious business district of the city, and this seriously impedes a young business, as they do not have the image that an established organisation would.

Serviced Offices

This is the perfect solution for the small business that wants to be noticed, and if your company is located in or around Liverpool, check out the amazing packages at, a forward thinking company that supports the entrepreneur by providing essential office space at affordable prices. They also have a range of essential services, such as professional call handling, which keeps you connected when you are out and about, and with a serviced office in their plush premises, you have instant access to meeting rooms and essential office equipment.

State of the Art Facilities

Having a prestigious business address is one thing, but you also need access to many essential amenities, and when you wish to have an important meeting with a major client, you can book the conference facilities, which will afford you and your guests everything you need. You might want to regularly meet your sales team and rather than rent a room at a nearby hotel, you can take advantage of the serviced offices you use, and with a host of other services available, the provider is an integral partner for any new enterprise.

Round the Clock Security

All your confidential business data will be secure when you have a serviced office agreement, and with a well-designed facility that has personal car parking, a gym and sauna and several other amenities, you can be focused on your work, knowing you have everything you need at your fingertips. Round the clock security is essential for every business, especially those located within an urban environment, and this is a cost that the provider is happy to absorb.

High Speed Connectivity

Where would your business be without a broadband connection? Perish the thought! The serviced office would have a fast broadband connection that services all of their clients, and this empowers you to make your mark where it matters, on the web. Not having an Internet connection is simply not an option, and if the bandwidth is narrow, this will make serious dent in productivity, as your staff have to wait for pages to load.

The day has finally arrived when the new business can compete at every level with the established corporation, and with affordable services on tap, your company can grow at its own pace.


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