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Role of IT Support in Improving User Experience


Tech issues can happen at any time. When they do, your customers will most likely contact your IT support team to seek professional advice.

They will automatically ask for technical support, regardless of their problem involves a bug, user error or tech issue.

Because of this common user behavior, you need to have a dedicated IT support team standing by to answer your customer’s tech-related concerns.

Otherwise, your customers will eventually cancel their product subscription. This will lead to an increased customer churn rate.

Customers will also leave negative feedback that can affect your credibility as a business owner and operator.

This is why it’s absolutely important to invest in a good IT support service.

Let’s learn more about IT support.

A brief introduction to Tech support

Tech support, in an essence, is a branch of customer support that every product-centric business needs. It allows companies to assist their customers who encounter difficulties in using their products.

Typically, IT support consists of knowledge bases, email, phone and live chat. It aims to provide technical solution for problems like login errors, installation failure.

Do take note, that tech or IT support isn’t the same with customer support service.

Customer Service vs Tech Support

Some business owners think that IT-related questions are handled by call centers. In truth, customer support specialists handle concerns such as late deliveries and credit card overpayment.

In truth, tech support handles different concerns. IT teams take charge of handling users issues, installation problems and other tech problems that hinder a customer from using the app or product more effectively.

According to studies, providing quality technical assistance and advice to your customers is the best way to improve user experience.

Because your users know and understand how to use the product, you can maintain optimal sales or subscription rate.

Another significant difference between the tech and customer support service is the level of assistance provided.

In customer support, the first response comes from a support agent. If the case doesn’t get resolved, the customer will be forwarded to the support manager.

In tech support, there are five levels of assistance provided:


Customers tend to browse the internet to look for solutions before they contact support.

You must look through social media, online forums and even blog comments and find customers that complain or ask about your products. By doing so, you have more control over the situation.

You can guide them to your support system for a faster and more organized processing.


The second level of tech support consists of the knowledge base or FAQs. By providing users detailed piece information they can work out the problem on their own. In case the problem persists, they can proceed to the next support tier.

1st line support

The next level of support is the first point of human contact. Tech support staff at this level have basic technical knowledge. You can hire an IT support Oxford or set up your own team.

The members of the first line of support must know how to handle any type of minor issue. The goal of this support group level is to handle 70 to 80 percent of the reported user problem.

2nd line support

Staff attending to the second line of support cases need to be proficient in handling complex concerns. They should have in-depth technical knowledge and background. They should also have good communication skills.

3rd line support

The last line of tech support deals with outlier cases. These type of cases are best handled by staff from the R&D department. Issues escalated to the third tier of support requires customised solutions.

Tips on How to Improve Tech Support

Now that you understand the value of IT support, your next step is to learn how you can upgrade your existing support system. We’ve gathered five essential tips to help you:

  • Think if you really need to outsource. You can do this by checking how much queries and complaints you get each week. Ask yourself if you need to outsource so you can focus on other tasks.
  • Treat your tech support as important as your marketing and sales campaigns. You should dedicate a team to help customers who have technical problems with your product.
  • Try to implement the different support tiers we shared above. You can designate a team or you can hire an offshore IT support team instead.
  • Take control of the conversation about customer complaints circulating in the cybersphere. If you find anyone complaining about your products or services outside your site, try to reach out to them. Offer them a solution as soon as you can.
  • Make sure the customers can easily reach out to your tech staff. The links to your support page should be clearly visible somewhere at the bottom of your page. They shouldn’t end up in a broken or dead link.

Investing in a good IT support system is the best solution you can add to your company to ensure that your clients have a smooth experience when they use your products. We hope you get to use the tips provided above to fully maximise your tech support team.

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