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Open Plan Offices – 3 Reasons Why They Work

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While mega companies like Google and Apple have truly embraced the modern, causal business approach, most organisations have adopted the open plan concept for their offices to some degree. Many years of research and development led to the emergence of a discussion based environment that encourages employee dialogue. The ideal office space would have four exterior walls, which is the blank canvas for an interior that is designed from the ground up, with performance and productivity in mind, and using a system of interchangeable full and half partitions, it is possible to create a unique working environment that is tailored to the business. If you are yet to be convinced that open plan is the way to go, here are a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy when your office is open plan.

1.      Promote a Winning Team Attitude – The open plan approach sets the perfect ambience for dialogue, while effective screening gives all your workers a level of privacy. Your employees will develop a stronger bond, and with everybody on the same page, the overall objectives of the company are always the focus. If your business is located in WA, there is exceptional office design in Perth, and with their expertise, the perfect working environment is achievable.

2.      Promote Internal Communication – If the environment is conducive to free flowing dialogue, your employees will form a strong team spirit and this means they will go that extra mile when necessary, and by involving them in the new office design, you are giving your workers ownership of their working environment, and you might also get some great ideas. If you source the right office renovator, their design team will immerse themselves in your business for a day or two, in order to see who does what and to create an environment that promotes all the right things.

3.      Boost Productivity – Correct office layout promotes productivity, and if you can shave a few seconds from the time it takes to retrieve something, things simply get done quicker. There would be a communal area, where employees can plan campaigns and generally discuss projects, and with refreshments on tap at all times, your team will always be in good form. Many offices have gone totally digital by scanning all their documents, which are then uploaded to a cloud based system that allows authorised users to access anything on their workstation screen. This means you can finally get rid of those bulky filing cabinets, and think of the time it will save your staff, who no longer have to go walkabouts looking for a document.

If you would like to know more about the details for office renovations, an online search would be the ideal place to start, and by talking to a few contractors, you can get a very good idea as to what can be achieved. While it might be a significant investment, the long term benefits make it a wise move to have your office revamped.


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