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Intelligent Protection: Close Protection


Political power, wealth, and influence are always reasons why someone’s life is under threat. If you are a member of a royal family, political party, or a high net individual, then you may require extra attention wherever you go. Protection can play a very vital role in saving one’s life.

Here is some information on intelligent protection, specifically close protection, which you should consider before hiring close protection services.

Adequately Trained Personnel

All close protection personnel are required to complete various training courses before they are allowed to work. The courses are aimed at adding to their skillset, as well as refining their already existing skills. This goes from their etiquette right down to the use of firearms.

Don’t Be Swayed by Physique

Do not be swayed to hire close protection personnel based on the physique of the personnel. Having a heavy physique doesn’t necessarily mean that they can protect you better or that they have a faster reaction time than those that are not heavy built. Children for example, are more open to female bodyguards, and are therefore a popular choice when working with young families.

Think and React On Your Feet

Close protection personnel are required to think on their toes and make the right decisions. It may seem like a glamorous life, because of the high profile clients; however, all personnel are constantly working and are required to be naturally quick when offering the best protection to their clients.

Martial Arts Training

Your body can become a weapon. Any fighting or martial arts skills are highly regarded when electing close protection personnel. You do not necessarily have to be a black belt in karate; however, being able to quickly neutralize a threat is important.

Can You Handle a Firearm?

Hiring armed personnel can be quite difficult to come by because due diligence has to be carried out to allow people to obtain a firearm. Some close protection personnel do carry firearms and others do not, mainly because they are not members or ex members of the military or police officers. Depending on the occasion, close protection personnel may or may not be required to carry a firearm.

If you are interested in hiring close security personnel, contact Westminster Security London. They can organize a highly skilled and qualified team for any occasion. Their specialists determine the level of protection you require and then select personnel that fit your lifestyle needs. This ensures that there is minimal to no disruption in your work and family life.


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