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How to Improve Your Website’s Security


The security of your website should be of paramount importance to you, especially if you are thinking of monetising your site in the future. If the security of your site is compromised, anyone who gets in can steal a lot of important data. You may have heard of security breaches in the past where consumer information was compromised. In dire situations, the credit card info of customers stolen from your company’s database could be used by the thieves, and you will end up having to compensate consumers as a result. More importantly, security breaches can greatly tarnish your company’s reputation.

Cyber security doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It’s important that you be a bit more careful than spendthrift when implementing security on your site. There are many firms that specialise in boosting cyber security in NZ. You might want to consider hiring a third-party cyber security firm to inspect your website and then come up with a security plan to boost your site’s security. Here are some basic tips to improve your website’s or your company’s security.

Setting Up a Firewall

The first and most important thing that you should do is to set up a powerful firewall, so that all incoming messages and emails can be carefully checked. Make sure that you program the firewall to inspect all links that are sent through URL shorteners. Any link that cannot be verified should not be allowed to open. Setting up a strong firewall is very important if you want to minimise the threats faced by your business. Many employees can open harmful links unknowingly, and even a small virus can easily invade your company’s network very quickly. You need to make sure that you set up a powerful firewall to prevent unknown programs and mails from harming your network.

DdoS Protection

Dedicated denial of service attacks have become a common method for hacking into servers. Some of the world’s largest companies have fallen prey to these attacks. Basically, a DdoS attack destroys firewall and server protection by bombarding it with phishing ads. As soon as the security is breached, hackers get into the network and steal information quickly. In many cases, DdoS attacks are identified very quickly and companies have enough time to take action.

There are several private security firms that offer dedicated services for protecting your company’s servers against DdoS attacks. It’s important that you purchase this protection service from your local cyber security firm to protect your business against unwanted threats. You never know when a security issue might arise, so it’s very important that you take preventative measures to protect your company’s data. These are a few tips to help you protect your company’s data and avoid dangerous hacks.


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