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How to Determine If a Call Answering Service Is Right for You

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There are several call answering services in the UK, so it can be difficult trying to choose the right one for your business. If you select a competent organisation, you’ll reap the rewards. They can help to improve your profit margin, increase popularity, and make contacting your business highly convenient for both current and potential customers. Here are some tips to help you select a first-class company.

Honestly from the Outset – One indication that a call answering service is reputable and trustworthy is when they explain their prices clearly, outlining every cost so that there are no surprises when your monthly bill arrives at your doorstep. They should be upfront and honest about any hidden costs from the get-go, there is nothing more annoying finding out that they never discussed certain additional charges from the beginning. You shouldn’t have to worry about cancellation fees, start up fees, or any other hidden charges.

Flexible Contract – There should be some leeway when it comes to your contract, if your business is downsizing or you’ve experienced a period of growth, you will probably have to adjust the service to suit your needs. So, if you sign up for a specific package and your circumstances change, which is highly probable considering the unpredictability of business, you should be able to contact the call answering service and request a different package free of charge. There should be no additional fees for changing your call answering bundle.

Highly Trained Staff Members – It is imperative that the company you choose to answer your calls employ highly trained personnel, you can’t have someone answering the phone without exceptional interpersonal skills and adequate knowledge of your company. Your virtual receptionist can’t reply with an answer such as “oh, I’ll have to get back to you regarding that query”. They must know what products and services you have on offer, and this information should be relayed clearly to potential customers.

Location of the Call Centre – Although the exact location of the call centre itself isn’t that important, the staff manning the phones are. If you’re calling to a centre which has outsourced its operations outside of the UK, you’re more than likely going to communicate with a non-native speaker. Conversing with a non-native speaker over the phone can be challenging, if you’re not familiar with their accent, you may find it difficult to understand them. To guarantee your business is mainly covered by native English speakers based in the UK, you should ask the company where their offices are located. Long standing organisations such as Message Direct have their offices based in Dorset. Having UK based centres also improves the quality of your telephone connection.

There are several factors to consider when selecting a telephone answering service in the UK, the location of their call centre, the quality of staff they employ, and the level of honesty they exhibit are all essential components. Your customers deserve a high-quality service, so it is important to choose the right kind of telephone answering company.


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