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How to Deal Effectively with Spam and Malware in Your Business

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Most modern businesses depend heavily upon their IT communications infrastructure. Email services are often at the heart of this system and allow businesses to communicate with one another and internally. The biggest threat facing many businesses today is the execution of destructive malware.

The Big Problem with Malware and Spam

Every single year, businesses worldwide are the victim of huge torrents of both spam and malware. Email may be a great communication tool but it can also be a weak entry point for spam and malware.

Trojans, phishing emails, viruses, rootkits, and keyloggers can all be sent by email. They are often cleverly disguised and rely on a single bad decision by an employee to open and execute the script or programme. Once this happens, the business faces any of the following problems:

  • A slow network that hinders business operations and affects public perception negatively
  • The deletion of vital business data
  • Compromise of and stealing of customer credit card details and other highly sensitive information
  • Shutdown of the network and computers

Once this malware gets into the system, it can literally wreak digital havoc and cause untold damage to critical information. This can lead to damage to the brand, low employee morale, and loss of profits. The good news is that a system such as Mailcleaner can deal effectively with these sorts of issues even before they hit employee inboxes.

Stopping Spam and Malware in Their Tracks

By installing such a system, a business minimises the chances of a malware infection. Given that email is the weakest point for entry, these anti-malware programmes typically operate between the mail server and the internet. As such, this setup provides the following benefits:

  • Cloud-Based: By running in the cloud, it sits outside of the internal IT systems of the business. This not only makes it less susceptible to infection by malware but also means that it can be rolled out very quickly across any size business.
  • Analysis: This system also applies advanced heuristic techniques to determine what type of traffic passes through to the mail server and what is caught in a quarantine system. In this way, it can detect and quarantine nearly one hundred percent of spam and malware emails before employees even see them. This means that employees also do not have the chance to accidentally execute questionable email scripts and place the business in jeopardy.

A Better Way to Deal with Malware and Spam

Every year, millions of operations around the world are affected by a torrent of malware and spam emails. The best way to stop them and minimise the damage is to detect and quarantine them before they hit business inboxes.

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