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How to Create a Piece of Video Content that Rocks


Photo by Jakob Owens from Unsplash 

Nowadays, video is the most highly consumed type of content on the internet. It’s a powerful medium used to tell stories, establish branding, spread awareness, and promote campaigns through colorful and entertaining graphics, music and video clips.

In creating a piece of video content, there are essential things that you need to include in order to improve its value and establish brand awareness.

Videos are quite expensive to produce. This is why, businesses and brands need to create a sound strategy in producing, promoting, and positioning video content.

Work on your schedule

Creating a video involves a long process, so you need to schedule all the activities before you start filming. Outline the activities you need to do and prioritize them according to their urgency.

You must also consider how often you should produce content. Do you need to release videos every week? twice a month? every day? You must stick with a consistent schedule and posting frequency so your followers and target audiences know when they can expect a new piece of content.

Consider the value you will provide

Millions of videos are uploaded online every day, so if you want to cut through the noise, you must offer something new, exciting and valuable to your prospects.

Pay attention to the comments or feedback from the viewers. Check the latest trends in your industry. Also, be sure to consider the goals of your brand or business. Evaluate the storyboard and determine if it’s accurately reflecting the voice and style of the business.

Pay attention to the aesthetic value of the video

No one wants to watch a crappy video. Nobody wants to waste his/her time watching a video that’s poorly edited. Unless you want to waste money and resources, you should think about the quality and design of the video.

You can hire a video production company London in case you don’t have the equipment, video editing software and other necessary resources to produce aesthetically-pleasing content.

It will simplify your work so you can pay attention to other important aspects of your business such as product or service development, staff training and client meetings.

Keep it simple and sweet

Studies show that one-minute videos are way too short while five-minute videos are way too lengthy. If you want to capture the attention of your target audience, experts suggest keeping your promotional videos around two to three minutes long.

If your aim is to create a video feature or a documentary, you can keep the video as long as 10 minutes. Just make sure to keep things interesting. Avoid dead air and inserting redundant information and annoying graphics.

Focus on telling the story and appealing to the emotions of the viewers instead of placing too many video effects.

Aim to produce relevant content

Photo by Sam McGhee from Unsplash

When you create a video, consider its relevance to the current trends in your industry. You can use various tools to perform social monitoring.

It should also be relevant to your prospects. Find out what sort of topics your target viewers want to know about.

Focus on giving solutions to the pain points of your viewers. What problems do they have? Why should they watch the video? What value can your video provide to them?

A/B Test Your Videos

Expert marketers these days A/B test every material they produce to find out which material can result in better and higher conversions.

You should also do this when you create videos. Split the videos and release them on separate schedules. Pay attention to the material that receives the highest recognition. From there, you can create a plethora of spin-offs.

Give the people what they want

Perhaps you can share your secret to creating the best chocolate cookie or give your viewers exclusive content that can help them solve their problem for free.

When you give your audience something they could use that makes them feel good, you instantly create a stronger bond with them.

Instead of saying “Come and buy our latest tour packages”, you should say “Here is everything you need to know to enjoy your next trip to Italy on your own. If you want a pro tour guide to explore the country, we’re here to help you.”

Maximize the first three seconds

Statistics shows that it only takes three seconds for a person to decide whether he/she will watch the entire video.

If you fail to pique the interest of your viewers in the first three seconds, they will surely move on to the next piece of content in their newsfeed.

Because of this, you should ensure that the first part of the video is visual and highly engaging. We also recommend providing catchy and descriptive titles to call the attention of viewers.

Photo by Stephane YAICH from Unsplash

What are you waiting for? Now that you have everything you need to know about making a quality video, you should start drafting your storylines and planning how to film the content. Don’t forget to share your output to your friends via your favorite social media platforms.

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