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How Does a Commercial Get Made

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When you hire a company to help you make a commercial for your business, they’ll most likely approach you with a wide range of services. Those different services will end up costing you a different amount of money, depending on which services you hire. However, if you don’t know what they mean, it can be very difficult to actually choose which services you want and which ones you need. Here is a rundown of a few common elements of a film or video production.


The production of a film or a commercial begins with the pre-production. The pre-production will range from simply writing the script and casting the actors to much more than that. If you need script-writing services, you’ll work with the production company to write a script that fits your business needs. That script will then have to be mapped. Script-mapping or coverage will involve picking out the different required locations as well as the different actors you might need. If your script calls for a scene in a desert, you will need to scope out desert locations as well. You’ll need to determine how many actors you require. This is what is meant by pre-production. It is all of the things that a production company in Dubai does before they start actually filming.

Principal Photography

Principal photography is the actual filming of your film or commercial. There are two ways to do this: single-camera shoots and multi-camera shoots. A single-camera shoot is typically how films and television are shot. The camera operators will film a scene from many different angles. Since they only use one camera, they can move around more without getting another camera in the shot. However, it does take much longer. A multiple camera shoot is often how commercials are shot. Also, soap operas are filmed in this manner. In these shots, there are multiple cameras all filming at once. This is also the choice for live events since there aren’t any opportunities to re-shoot.


Post-production is when the film is loaded into a computer and edited. The editors will cut the different shots together to make fluid scenes. They’ll add music as well. In many cases, they will mix the sound in a different program than the film editing software. The editor can often colour correct the film as well. Films that are shot digitally are typically filmed in as flat a manner as possible. Flat means that the colours are relatively muted so that the camera will pick up as much colour information as possible. Then the editor will adjust the colours to make the film look as good as possible.

These are the basic features you are paying for when you hire a production company. Every step along the way has many more elements to it.

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