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How Can Corporate Companies Benefit From Video Marketing?


Video marketing is the latest trend within the realm of marketing. Business owners are understanding the importance and effectiveness of creating content to enhance their SEO strategy as well as improve brand awareness and reputation, and now the focus is more and more on one form of content: video.

Video marketing works in the same way as all good content marketing does: to communicate a marketing message but cloak it within a piece of interesting, engaging and insightful media that is, fundamentally, meant for enjoyment.

While it may seem that video content should be reserved solely for businesses that sit within a creative industry, but this is not necessarily the case. In fact, corporate businesses (for example, a accountancy firm, a law firm or an insurance broker) can also reap the rewards that can be gained through the creation of high quality video content.

For more information and guidance on how to utilise video marketing, and why video can be so beneficial to corporate companies, keep reading.

Video can enhance your marketing efforts

Any business operating online must have a strong digital marketing strategy in order to attract leads, boost sales and drive conversions. Most of this comes down to how much organic traffic you can drive to your website, where you can then nurture leads down your sales funnel until they convert. This is the ultimate aim of the game.

While getting new leads to land on your website is a task in itself – helped massively by the strength of the business’ SEO strategy – the hard part is getting the lead to convert. It has been proved that creating designated landing pages to go hand-in-hand with a paid ad is the first step in getting a lead to convert, as a good landing page will present the lead with exactly what they want to see and offer them a solution to their problem. A landing page will then be able to collect as much information from the lead as possible to them remarket them later down the line.

Keeping the Bounce Rate (the time in which a user clicks off a webpage) of a landing page low can be helped through smart page design and navigation, but having interactive elements will increase a user’s time spent on the page and increase the likelihood that they will convert. An interactive element that has had proven success again and again is video.

Video has been said to increase customer retention rate as it captures attention. Smart, eye-catching video will hook the viewer and increase the chance that they will move through your sales funnel. This isn’t a question of creative or corporate, this is business 101. Therefore, embedded engaging video content within a landing page is a smart move.

Video can help a business reach a wider audience

Corporate companies can improve their audience reach by sharing video content on their social media channels. This is greatly beneficial because on social media content that is deemed “shareable” (interesting, informative, thought-provoking) will be seen by a larger network of people, thus improve the awareness and reputation of the business. This gives businesses an incentive to make videos that are inclusive, relevant and relatable, as even people who don’t know your business may become attracted to it through seeing your content.

Through video you can communicate a message

It’s been said that a picture says a thousand words, but high quality moving visual paired with high quality sound can say a lot more – and in a short amount of time.

If you really want to connect with your audience and get them on your side, you should tell a powerful story through video. Think of it as delivering a pitch, yet you have the creativity to humanise your products or services, which will make it easier to entice new leads.

Video can showcase products and services

Video is also a great way to show and tell, and this is especially important if your business or industry is perhaps complex and needs extra explanation to reach wider audiences. What’s more, if your business has, for example, developed a piece of software, it is much easier to give a new lead a demonstration on the product, than it is to communicate what it does through words.

Video can increase a business’ reputation

In today’s digital world, almost everyone who uses the internet is consuming video. Therefore, if your business does not produce any video content, it may run the risk of appearing outdated and amateurish, which in turn will damage the reputation of your brand and its services.

However, if you can produce high quality video content that stands up against the high standard that content has reached, consumers will notice your efforts. Therefore, your business will appear ahead of the game and you will look superior next to your competitors.

If your corporate business is considering implementing video within your content strategy, you may consider enlisting a top quality video production company in Sydney to help you.


Creating video content is not just for creative industries. Whatever industry your business sits in (even if it’s corporate), and whatever products or services it is trying to sell, there is good reason to adopt a strong and creative video strategy.

Start producing video content today to embed within landing pages, email marketing, social media, etc. and your business will witness a surge in traffic to the website, greater brand awareness and higher visibility online.

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