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Greater Deals for the Proper Auditing Services Now


The control of financial and economic activity of The Company is carried out by the Audit Commission. The verification of the reliability of the company’s financial statements is performed by an independent external auditor. The internal control, audit and risk management system is represented by the relevant structural divisions of the company.

The company carries out comprehensive work on the development of the internal control, audit and risk management system, which meets the best practices of corporate governance. For the Corporate audit services the followings are really necessary.

Revision Commission

  • He is elected by the general meeting of shareholders of the company. The competence of the Audit Commission is to control the financial and economic activities of the company in order to increase its efficiency and protect the interests of shareholders.
  • The order of activity of the audit commission is governed by the Regulations on the Audit Commission of The Company.
  • In order to assist the Board of Directors and executive bodies of the company in increasing the efficiency of the Company’s management, improving financial activities as well as corporate management as tools to ensure reasonable confidence in achieving the goals set for the Company, the Internal Audit Directorate was established and operates in the company.
  • The internal audit policy of the company was developed in accordance with the requirements of federal legislation, generally accepted practices and international standards of activity, including taking into account the recommendations of the Federal Property Management Agency on organizing the work of internal audit.

This is a continuous process that affects all company activities. It is aimed at identifying potential events that may affect the activity of the company to bring risks to an acceptable level and ensuring the achievement of the strategic and program objectives of the company.

Option Design

The option is designed to enhance the company’s effectiveness in the short, medium and long term in accordance with the priority areas of work. Among the objectives of the RMS, the formation of a unified approach to identifying and assessing risks, responding to risks, developing control procedures, exchanging information on risks, setting goals and objectives for managing risks, monitoring risks and training employees, by management bodies of RVC.

The audit organization or individual auditor must be members of the relevant SRO; otherwise they are not entitled to audit and provide related services. To make sure that the company has the right to conduct an audit, it is necessary to request membership documents from the SRO. The SRO Register is posted on the official website of the Ministry of Finance.

The work experience in the audit market and the qualification of auditors can also serve as a recommendation for an auditing company. Additionally, you can request information on the passage of auditors of refresher courses, on the possibility of obtaining additional advice after an audit, on guarantees to maintain the confidentiality of information obtained during an audit, all these data will help to form an idea of whether an auditing company is worthy of trust.

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