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Getting your Staff Motivated in the New Year.


If you have found that your staff are full of the January Blues this New Year, it isn’t surprising. In fact, you may be feeling a little under the weather yourself. Not only is January a long month after the previous payday, but many people struggle recovering from the Christmas season, paying off debts and sticking to resolutions. It is generally a grey, miserable month. Throw on top of that, that the weather is pretty awful too! When it comes to work productivity, levels can be at an all-time low. If you are an employer looking for a way to inject some energy back into your workforce so that January isn’t as rubbish as it first seems, why not try the following:

#1 Settle pay checks earlier in January – Some companies pay their staff earlier in January, to make up for the longer month – and especially if they paid people early in December. This can really lessen the load and help staff manage finances.

#2 Improve the Office Space – AXA said that “studies show that adding just a few plants to a workplace can boost productivity by 15%, and make everyone feel more relaxed. You could also encourage collaboration, communication and team spirit by having all of your team grow sunflowers, then give prizes for the best blooms.”

#3 Give Staff some snacks – Fruitful Office found that by adding fresh fruit to the workplace, 81% of staff thought that their quality of life at work had improved. Also, 70% of staff started eating more fruit and 45% of staff were eating fewer unhealthy snacks. Fewer bad snacks means fewer sugar lows, and higher productivity levels overall.

#4 Celebrate and Encourage Success – Incentives at work can really help staff to work more productively. Things like cash bonuses or prizes can help drive change. Not only this, but you should recognise achievements and praise staff for a job well done. Why not introduce the idea of ‘Employee of the Month.’

#5 Introduce a dress down Friday – Why not let staff dress casually on a Friday if they are able to do so in your office. This little perk doesn’t cost you anything, but can be a real boost for staff. It can also encourage more sociability within the office environment, which is another confidence and feel-good boost.

#6 Be lenient on illnesses – More people are ill in January with colds, coughs and general winter bugs. Some employers may get fed up with the constant call-ins in the morning, with staff saying they are too ill to come in. Remember that mental health in January can really impact physical health, so encourage staff to keep in touch, rest up and get better. You could also consider flexible working, or working remotely, to allow staff to stay in the loop. Many employers have found that offering flexibility increases productivity levels, rather than hindering them.

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