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Getting Organized and Staying That Way: How Supplemental Staffing Can Help Your Firm Succeed

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No matter what the nature of your business, finding and retaining the best employees can be a constant challenge. Whether your business is brand new or decades old, you need to build a great team; one comprised of smart decision makers who are loyal to the company and great at what they do.

Building that great team is hard enough, but finding the best employees is not the end of the process. If you want the team you have assembled to be happy and productive, you need to provide them with a steady stream of interesting and meaningful work. That may not be so hard, but there is more to the puzzle.

The Morale-Busting Impact of Busywork

Even if you have plenty of engaging and interesting work for your entire team, there is probably plenty of busywork as well. These are the essential but mundane tasks that get shifted from employee to employee such as filing documents, creating progress reports, cleaning the office and organizing files.

These mundane tasks may be necessary, but no one thinks they are fun. By tasking your best workers with these mind-numbing activities, you are killing their morale and short-circuiting their productivity.

It is far better, and much more efficient, to use supplemental staff to handle those mundane office tasks. The use of additional staff provides a host of benefits for business owners, from freeing their best workers for more important tasks to improving the overall morale. Here are just a few examples of how supplemental staff can help your business succeed. No matter what your office organization needs, an employment agency, such as Laborocity, can provide you with the team you need to get your office organized and keep it that way.

Data Entry

Chart Westcott, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Ikarian Capital, LLC agrees, “Getting paper files into a digital format has never been more critical.” Moving your old paper files online can give you a real advantage in the digital age, improve visibility for your company and help you spot trends you might otherwise have missed.

If your company has been around longer than your computer system, you probably have lots of records that you digitized. Every one of those files represents a lost opportunity, but you will probably not get many volunteers for the mind-numbing task of data entry. Data entry is time-consuming. For business organizations with a smaller amount of staff members, it hampers the capacity to focus on the core functions and reduces their effectiveness.

By hiring supplemental staff for a short period, you can tackle that data entry challenge while freeing your permanent staff for more important things. Instead of entering customer data from 20 years ago, your best employees can spend their time analyzing that information and finding hidden trends.

Office Organization

An organized office is an efficient office. Everyone knows that, but once again no one is volunteering to move those old files. If you are tired of dealing with the inefficiency that a disorganized office can bring, it may be time to bring in the supplemental staff.

Supplemental staff can help you get a handle on your disorganization so that you can create a better and faster workplace. Just as importantly, you can keep your regular staff members working hard on their projects, without sacrificing their productivity or their morale.

Document Scanning

Modern scanning technology has come a long way, but many companies still find themselves behind the curve. In years past, large-format document scanners could capture images, but recognizing and interpreting text was beyond their capabilities.

These days, those same types of scanners can still capture images, but they can also recognize text within the pages and even incorporate voice recognition and modern search technology. Those advances in scanning technology make scanning your old documents far more valuable, and once again, supplemental staff can help.

By scanning your old documents, you can create an entire new depository of information, one that would once have required days or even weeks of constant searching. When you bring supplemental staff onboard to scan those old documents and put them into a usable format, you can build that data depository and start using it right away.

Instead of assigning current staff members to scan data, you can use supplemental staff for the job instead. You can start using the information right away, getting a jump start on the competition and making sense of years of previously unused data.

As a business owner, you take great pride in the team you have built, and you rely heavily on their professionalism and excellent performance. If you want to keep that team operating at peak efficiency, it may be wise to relieve them of mundane tasks like data entry, office organization, and scanning. While these chores may be critical to the success of your company, they can be deadly to morale and productivity. By supplementing your current workforce with task-oriented temporary employees, you can build a better workplace, enhance efficiency and ultimately boost your profits.

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