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Embark on the correct journey to purchase a water purifier for your home


Your drinking water may look clean and tidy but no guarantee is there that it appears to be free from germs and fit for drinking purposes. Water is full of contaminants and lead along with arsenic topples the list. If you compare out of the 8 major cities of India nearly 77 % of the population are victims of water borne diseases. What is alarming is that research inputs states that the TDS levels are more alarming in almost all the major cities of the country like Mumbai, Bangalore etc.

A general perception is boiling of water is enough before you drink it. But this does not hold truth any ways. With boiling you can only avail microbial protection emerging from virus or bacteria. No way is it going to remove dangerous chemicals like lead, pesticides or a host of physical impurities like dust, mud or rust. Now what can be done so that the drinking water which reaches your home is pure and fit for drinking.

The first reaction is most of the families are turning to water purifiers. Aquaguard water purifier is one of the brands that are sought in the market. Out of the various brands that are available in the market this has gone on to formulate a niche within a short time frame.

Before you purchase a water purifier a little degree of research is called for. Before you buy one needs to understand the condition of water. Then it becomes easy to choose a water purifier as per your needs. You need to be also aware about the various technologies that are available in the market as well.


Is referred to as reverse osmosis. In regions where you are likely to come across hard water reverse osmosis is an ideal solution. If the total dissolved salts exceed the permissible limits then the drinking water is termed to be dangerous for drinking. With a RV water purifier it goes on to reduce the TDS content of water to a permissible level. This sort of water purification system is only to be adopted if the TDS content is on the higher side.

This methodology works on the principle of applying pressure on hard water which depends on the salt content. The pure and the impure water are separated. They nearly remove 90 % of TDS that is present in water along with a host of other impurities. These impurities could be bacteria along with chemical contaminants.


This sort of water purifier would be an ideal bet if you are getting soft water from rivers or lakes. It means that the TDS levels are below 500 mg. in this method a lamp goes on to treat UV rays which means that the water is exposed. About 99% of the impurities are removed via this method.

The best part about this procedure is that it is not going to alter the taste or chemical composition of water.

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