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Email Tracking in Gmail


The purpose of this article is to teach you how you can use email tracking to become more productive, close more sales and improve communication and levels of involvement with your staff and customers.

How many times have you ever wondered what happened to an email after it gets delivered? Can the recipient get your email? Did they look at its content? You merely don’t know. However, this doesn’t apply to your advertising emails. With those, you understand just who opens each email as your email marketing application lets you know it. Why cannot you have the exact same performance in an email you send into a single person?  

Well, you can, together with email tracking. In this guide, we’ll see precisely how email tracking works and how you can benefit.  

  1. What is email tracking?
  2. Main advantages of email monitoring
  3. Usage of Email Tracking
  4. How tracking works in Email Tracker
  5. Privacy and legal inquiries
  6. Getting the most from email tracking

What’s Email Tracking?  

Here is TLDR variant:

  • Email tracking notifies you when someone looks at an email
  • It’s very different to read receipts as It occurs instantly and without interrupting the recipient
  • The technology is comparable to that used in email marketing applications

Tracking works by adding a web beacon into the emails you send. This is generally an image pixel. It’s invisible and does not affect or limit the recipient at all. In the vast majority of cases, the recipient won’t even know the web beacon is not there. Once the individual opens your email, the internet beacon reports back and you also receive a notification.  

Main Advantages of Email Tracking

  • Earn more sales
  • Save time
  • Become more effective
  • Improve communication and levels of participation

Why would you wish to monitor the emails you send?  

Email tracking brings many benefits. On peak of the list is making you more efficient.  If you’re running a business, that translates to better management and more sales. That is right, email monitoring will be able to help you close more deals.
Instead of waiting for an arbitrary amount of time before making your follow-up telephone call, you wait till you see a notification that lets you know the person has opened your email.  You then create the follow up call — instantly if possible, as you’re front of mind together with the customer.

Rather than asking the dreaded question previously, you will probably instead hear them tell you just how good your time was as they have only been reading your email!  

How tracking work in Email Tracker?

First things first, you need to download the extension from the Chrome web store. Once you are done, you should see the extension icon in the right corner of your Chrome browser.

When you open your Gmail account, you will be prompted to activate the extension for this specific account. tracker will mark every email as either tracked one or untracked ones. If you want your next email to get tracked, when you compose your message, click on the bell icon to toggle the tracking functionality.

The real time notification system, will notify you about the opening of the email by the recipient. The message will be displayed on your desktop, so no matter what, if your browser is open or not, you still will not about every action performed on your message.

Privacy and Legal Questions

In a few words:

  • Email tracking is legal
  • It is a legitimate and highly effective productivity tool

What about privacy issues? Is email monitoring even legal? And is not it a bit weird spying on the people that you send mails to?

Primarily, email tracking is lawful. You are probably already doing it with your email marketing campaigns. Email tracking technology simply brings the same performance to your one-to-one email communications. On privacy specifically, providers of email monitoring functionality do not need to access, read, or store any mails to make the technology function. If you use email tracking to make real improvements to your business, such as the example outlined above, its use is completely legitimate. Plus, as mentioned previously, you collect information on visitors to your site and societal networking platforms. You collect information from email marketing campaigns too.  

Your Aims

How you use email tracking is dependent upon your objectives. This could be something simple, like having the reassurance that the recipient has seen your email address. It may also be practical and active, like in the sales process when you will likely need to telephone the receiver as near the time they start the email as possible.

You now know all there is to know about email tracking and why you should consider using Email Tracker to know when the email you send gets read so that you can close more sales.

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