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Carers: There’s A More Rewarding Alternative To Care Home Work


Find out how as a carer, you can make a huge difference in a person’s life with a wonderful alternative to working in a care home.

Working in residential care can be very rewarding, but also very stressful. The pressures in many care homes results in the quality of care being lower than many carers would like. The time for providing each person with care is minimal, and there just isn’t the time to provide the personal and high level of care many carers would prefer to provide.

Perhaps you find your job rewarding, but you wish there was more that you could do to make a difference to the lives of those you care for. You went into the caring profession because you want to reap the rewards of truly having a positive impact on a person’s life. Whilst there is some level of that to be gained from working in care home jobs, there is a better career path out there providing richer rewards, and that is live in care.

Live in care jobs provide many incredible rewards that you simply cannot get in other types of caring jobs. Here are 5 amazing ways live in care jobs are rewarding:

  1. You Get To Hear The Stories Of The Past

In residential care you only have time to provide the basic minimum care. There is no time to sit and listen to the amazing stories the clients have. When you are a live in carer you have the time to properly listen to incredible stories from times you have only read about. Enabling the client to share their stories, and learning about them as a person, means you can only become a better carer for them, and they feel heard and important.

  1. You Help Them Maintain Physical Health

As a live in carer you can design physical plans for your clients to keep them active. This helps them avoid falls, avoid chronic diseases or issues and helps them maintain independence. As their cholesterol levels drop, and their flexibility increases, you will be able to see exactly how much of a difference you have made to your clients quality of life.

  1. Maintaining Social Interaction

Research from a UK charity revealed that nearly 20% of the elderly only see somebody they know once a week, and half of those only see somebody they know once a month. In some cases that contact is only a phone call. As a live in carer you have the amazing job of helping your client maintain social interaction. You could be taking them to see friends or family members, to local hobby clubs, or even encouraging them to start new hobbies and groups with people their own age.

  1. Aiding Nutrition

Over a million elderly people in the UK are malnourished or at risk of malnourishment according to Age UK. Those in home care jobs have some influence over nutrition of their clients but those with live in care jobs can have a lot more control. Nutrition can be balanced with foods your client loves, and you can take the time to cook up delicious meals and sit down and eat them with your client.

  1. Peace Of Mind

One major reward in live in care is the peace of mind you are doing a good job. In more rushed care positions there is always the concern of whether you have done the jobs as well as you could have. Is the client happy? Are you actually making a difference? In live in care you can quite literally dedicate your time to your client, ensuring they have absolutely everything they need to have an amazing life. You have the time to do personal tasks, the support to learn any new skills you need in the job, and the ability to cultivate a really lovely relationship with your client.

These are just some of the rewards of a live in carer job, and there are many more that are universal, and unique to each job. If you would like a job that is more rewarding than care home work, look into being a live in carer today to start an amazing career more satisfying than you could have ever imagined.

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