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Best Video chat apps


Just a few years back, video chatting was only considered to be a dream and people were always wanting the device which they can use for having excellent communication with their loved ones. But now video chat has become the most used communication way among the people of the whole world.  The technology has progressed so much in this regard, and now you can enjoy various features in video calls. Availability of video chat on mobile devices is also a tremendous technological step. Below mentioned are is the details about some apps which provides you the feature of best group video chat:

EzTalk Meetings

This is considered to be the best and one of the most used group video chat apps. There are so many apps on the market, but not all of them are providing the features for a professional video chat as EzTalk delivers. This is a high-quality app with really affordable price allows the people to have the complete features of a quick video chat. Its wide range of features makes this app ideal for the companies to use it for video conferencing. This app is also available on mobile phones, and the mobile version of it is awe-inspiring and provides the users high-quality video calls even when the internet connections are bad. ezTalk let you have a decent video conversation without any disturbance. You can also have the free trial of this app by paying no money and no charges. This feature is highly recommended to the business conferences which involve more than 500 person conferences.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is among the video chat apps free to use. Usually, people prefer using google hangouts because this app is linked to their Google accounts and by just adding the email of the other person the video call could be made. This app also provides the feature of video conferencing with a limit of 10 persons. This app is easy to use, and it involves no complexity. Anyone having hangouts can create his conference and can add the members. This app is available on google play and also on Apple Store. It can be downloaded and used for no charges.


Whatsapp is among the most used social media networks, and it is among the top apps people use for video conferencing. In the start, WhatsApp was just used for text messages but as the facebook purchased Whatsapp, it starting providing many features. Before this feature of video conferencing, people used Whatsapp for the voice calling. This app offers the sound quality video calls which are safe and stable. It is easy to use and simple to connect. People need to have their phone number registered on Whatsapp.

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