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A New Office – A New Beginning

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Setting up a new business and thus a new office isn’t as straightforward as some would think. Many new business owners are not sure what kind of equipment they need and are not up to date on current technology. Generally there is an underestimation of what you need due to budget fears or lack of knowledge. It can be a very daunting task gathering together all the essentials that ensure that an office runs smoothly and efficiently. The following are the main things that you should have in a modern office space.

The Modern Age.

  1. Every office must have a computer, with monitor, keyboard and internet access. It should be common sense in today’s e-commerce world. No computer means that you can’t run your office efficiently as all your correspondence, billing, advertising and marketing will all be done via this medium.

Comfort Is Key.

  1. A desk and chair are also items that no office can do without and not just any chair. Desks are generally standard thirty inches tall, but the chair needs to be suitable to provide necessary back support where it is needed. If you are unsure where to start looking then have a visit to some office equipment stores or do like I did and buy some white bench desks from Andrews Office Furniture.

Lighting the Way.

  1. The office must have sufficient lighting so that the staff can read documents easily, but not too much light that it causes eye strain. Most offices have fluorescent lights, but in today’s current climate of conserving energy, LED lighting is the way to go. It saves money and it is kind to the environment.

Working From Your Home.

  1. You have all your hardware, but what about the software. Most modern offices perform word processing, running spreadsheets and need a dedicated email address for all correspondence. Most owners and managers will need to take work home with them, so similar software packages need to be set up for that.


  1. The office printer is another essential piece of kit that you just can’t do without. A lot of new businesses are trying to be paperless offices, but it is a next to impossible task. You will always need to make a copy of something, print or scan something. A standard printer may not suffice and so you need to look at a multipurpose machine.

Be Safe.

  1. Many businesses overlook the next item, but it is something that will save you from a nightmare scenario. You may need to keep paper copies of important documents or backup files from your computer system. Keeping them in a fire-safe box will protect them from most eventualities.

These are but a few necessary office essentials and no office can operate effectively without them. Running an office is a very difficult task and it is quite a struggle to find out what you need right down to the last paper clip. Asking for help is not unheard of and many office supply stores are more than happy to assist you and take some of the weight of your shoulders. Pop into your local office supply store and see what they can do for you.

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