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7 Tricks To Get The Most Out of Microsoft 365 In Your Company


The proper use of Microsoft 365 in your business can mean significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. We advise you 7 tricks that will help you get the most out of office software. Learn how to mitigate risks such as data loss caused by errors of the end user, avoid synchronization errors or prevent ransomware (harmful programs that ask for money in exchange for accessing your accounts). You can Get  Microsoft Office For Mac from here.

Andy Rouse points out the effectiveness of this program and the great improvement you will notice if you follow these 7 tricks:

Tip 1: Use Microsoft teams to improve the exchange with your end user

Microsoft teams allows instant one-to-one communication, or one to several people. And it promotes connection and simple conversation to help people raise awareness about shared work. In addition, it allows members of a work team to see, integrate and access work projects so that everyone is kept informed.The use of Microsoft Teams will allow you a greater exchange and collaboration in the archives.  Distributed teams will no longer have to pass documents manually, facilitating online collaboration with greater ease and less risk.

Tip 2: Use Powershell to improve the administration of your office

PowerShell for Office 365 can help you automate repetitive tasks or gain additional capabilities. You can use PowerShell for Office 365 in many common administrative use cases, such as adding licenses to user accounts, setting user account properties, etc.

Tip 3: Teach end users how to use Onedrive using their mobile devices

The OneDrive application was developed by Microsoft for mobile devices. This virtual cloud will allow both you and your end users to save and keep everything safe. In addition, it has the advantage of freeing space on your computer.

There are two clouds (OneDrive and OneDrive for companies) from a single application. In both, you can browse, share and delete files directly within the application. Make your end users access this application, linking your files here so you can get more information.

Tip 4: Do not worry about installing updates and patches

With Office 365, it is not necessary for your IT teams to spend time installing updates and patches, as they are integrated into the Microsoft version. Thanks to this, you can use that time to increase the capture of users and create tools designed specifically for end users.

Some of the training for end users available for free at Microsoft are access from anywhere and file sharing with OneDrive for companies or collaboration with the content of the team through Sharepoint Online

The capture of the user is the key to the success of the company with Office 365, and Microsoft facilitates the incorporation of all its users for free.

Tip 5: Use reports to control the activity and capture of users

Activity Reports in the Office 365 Administration Center can help you identify who may need additional training. Or which of your users use OneDrive to share documents. It also helps us to benefit from a reduced mailbox and the elimination of extremely large attachments.

Tip 6: Visit the recruitment portal to manage and maintain learning

The Office 365 training and tutorial portal is a gold mine of easy-to-understand training resources to help administrators and your teams get the most out of Office 365.

There are resources to help you learn not only how Microsoft Office 365 works, but how to protect your documents, emails or lost files.

Tip 7: Have a third party backup to protect you from data loss

Microsoft talks a lot about redundancy and data backup, and it is true that it is very unlikely to lose data as a result of problems such as data center failures, man-made errors, or problems with the Office 365 infrastructure in general. But, surprisingly, the vast majority of data loss has nothing to do with anything that happens at Microsoft.

Most data loss occurs as a result of human error, such as when an employee accidentally erases a file, or a synchronization error. There is also the possibility that it may occur due to malicious intent, such as piracy or disgruntled employee activity.

You have to keep in mind that once the data is automatically or manually deleted from the recycle bin, or blocked by ransomware, that data disappears, leaving your business vulnerable and losing profits. So having an extra insurance and a good security contracted is very important.

The implementation of Office 365 teaches us a new way of working. It allows our employees or users to work outside the office and through their mobile phones. What is a positive change to have a good impact on your business. This tool also allows employees collaboration and teamwork thanks to its easy interface and management.

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