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4 Top Ways To Increase Sales


Businesses always want to increase their sales – after all it’s the reason for being in business in the first place. It’s a priority for everyone whatever the industry you are involved in. Even charities and other not-for-profit organisations need donations to do their good works and each one of their donations are effectively closed deals.

But just what is the most effective way to increase sales numbers? It’s the million dollar question, I know, but there are some predictable ways that have been tried and tested so read on…

These methods may not be 100% guaranteed to boost sales every time, in every industry and situation but they will almost certainly be an improvement on the status quo for the majority of businesses.

Quality always trumps quantity

Don’t get hung up on the number of contacts on your list or the number of phone calls you make each day, or the number of meetings you have lined up. These figures mean nothing if the quality of those contacts is not good and none of them result in a closed deal. One meeting with one client that results in a deal is much more valuable than ten meetings that result in nothing.

To make sure your leads are good quality leads spend more time listening to potential clients so you can discover what problems they have that you might be able to resolve. It might not involve the product orservice you had originally earmarked to sell to that client. So be prepared to be flexible and really (really) listen to the client.

Also be prepared to discard leads that are dead-ends so that you don’t waste resources on them. This is where methods such as Scotsman sales qualification can help to hone your list of leads.

Talk to the people with the power

This should be obvious but sometimes it helps to state the obvious. When you first make contact with a new potential client make sure you are talking to the decision maker i.e. the person who would have to approve a sale. Or at the very least make sure the decision maker is aware of the discussions you are having and has agreed that there is a need that needs to be fulfilled. Definitely don’t expend effort pursuing a lead if you don’t know whether or not they can make the final decision to sign on the dotted line.

Have a clear plan

It always helps to have clear plan of what exactly you want to achieve. It might be increase sales by 10% or 50% or 100% over a defined period. Whatever it is have that plan clear in your head and also clearly documented. This provides a focus for all the effort to increase you sales. It will also help to create  a sales process map showing how you can achieve your goal.

Use the right tools

CRM systems and relevant apps and add-ons can help to increase your sales because they gather all the information you have on any contact and assist in the process of deciding the most promising leads and, equally importantly, the ones which are unlikely to result in a sale.

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