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4 Top Sectors in Environmental Health


If you’re looking for a career in environmental health, there are a whole range of different sectors to consider. With so many options on offer, this sector is incredibly varied and diverse. By selecting a niche to specialise in, you can become a sought after and valued member of the environmental health workforce. There is a constant need for professionals in this field, making it a great career path to choose. With environmental specialists needed for a wealth of different functions, from food safety, waste management and environmental protection, to noise and pollution control, there is no shortage of jobs on the market. This highly practical and utilised sector is essential for public health and building controls, for anything from housing and restaurants to offices and public spaces. With the law requiring approval from a whole range of environmental officers for anything from new builds to tweaks and adjustments, a career in environmental health is sure to be consistent and fulfilling, with plenty of room for progression. Here are just a handful of some of the best fields on offer in this vast sector.

Asbestos Surveyors

Asbestos is a dangerous building material that is no longer permitted in construction in the UK, yet it remains present in some older buildings. Having been banned due to its links to lung infections and cancer-causing molecules, this substance must be surveyed and removed by a professional in the field. This is an essential process in order to abide by health and safety standards, and any asbestos must be extracted from a site before any further building work can begin on a site. As a process which is absolutely integral both for legal and health reasons, there is no shortage of asbestos survey jobs on the market. This makes it a great field to specialise in for a promising career.

Food Safety

Food safety and food standards officers are also essential in the environmental sector’s workforce. Any business which produces, prepares, packages or serves food must be subject to a stringent set of tests to ensure that the high hygiene and safety standards of the UK market are met. This is vital in ensuring that customers are protected and can help to prevent the cause and spread of illness and disease.

Pest Control

Another crucial job in the environmental sector is pest control. With mice, rats and insects such as cockroaches being so prevalent as a result of their resilience and resistance to deterrents, a professional is almost always essential in order to help prevent or exterminate pests. Again, this is a sector that is constantly in need of employees.

Air Pollution

For those interested in a highly involved and specialised role, air pollution is a great sector to opt for. It requires a good amount of in depth scientific knowledge, which is essential in ensuring a safe environment for workers and the public alike.

If you are interested in environmental safety, then a role in the vast environmental sector may be right for you. With so many different and challenging roles to choose from, a specialisation in any one of these is sure to guarantee a solid and lasting career.

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