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3 Reasons to Go Back to College


College can be for anyone. Sometimes it feels that society pushes people towards college who don’t want to go, or society creates barriers of entry for people who want to experience it. This has built a confusing narrative around the whole college idea.

So is it essential? This isn’t a question with an answer — everyone has their own path that goes at their own pace. With that being said, you might feel that you want to go back to college or that you want to start pursuing a degree. Here are some signifiers that might mean going to college is right for you.

You are having issues advancing in your career

Are you having issues excelling at work? Are you struggling to score promotions? This might mean continuing your education is the best plan of action. Sometimes employers are looking for advanced knowledge in a certain field. Luckily, you can get an online liberal arts associates degree or another degree from many schools around the country. It depends on your position and the kind of knowledge you need — it may be a second degree, or it may simply be a certification.

Online degrees are a great way to balance school while still working, and online courses are offered at nearly any school. Some universities allow students to complete a degree entirely online. Other universities allow a few classes to be taken online, but not all of them.

If you have the flexibility to take classes online in the evenings, this might be something worth looking into. Talk to your boss or potential employers about what kinds of education they are looking for and you can work from there.

You want to switch careers

Perhaps you want to switch careers entirely. Depending on the field, it might be difficult to break into without the proper education. You might even want to look into bootcamp courses that colleges have to offer. Some of these bootcamps cover topics ranging from data science to investigative reporting. The University of Missouri is one college that offers bootcamps like these for reporters looking to further their knowledge with their continuously shifting industry.

These can be a quick way to get the foundation you need to pursue a different career. Another option is continuing to get a masters or doctorate in something that can open lots of different doorways. For example, maybe you have a job in communications, but want to switch to law. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can still apply to law schools, and a JD will provide you with many career options (and not just legal work).

You simply want to learn more and advance as an intellectual

Maybe you feel that your learning curve has stagnated. This is a great reason to go back to college, if you have the time and money. There are some degrees that you may not have seen as practical when pursuing your bachelors or associates degree. Later in life, you absolutely can go back and pursue the degree in art history you always wanted. There is no reason to feel that you can’t go back to school and, as previously mentioned, there are tons of online schools that allow you to study anything from the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to the internet, anyone can look for more education that suits them at any point in their life. Pursue your educational dreams, and don’t let fear hold you back! Going back to college is something to be proud of.

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