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21st Century Lawyers: The Essentials


What does it take to be a lawyer in the 21st century? In the rest of this post, you will find out! It takes more than skills to win in the modern competitive landscape. You need to adapt to the changing times. Otherwise, it will be easy for you to be toppled.

  1. Be Mobile

Mobility for lawyers is all about being able to do one’s task anytime and anywhere. Even when you are on a vacation, you must be able to do tasks relevant to the case you are handling, making sure that you will be able to satisfy the urgent needs of your clients. Using your smartphone as a part of your job will be necessary. To do this, you need to have cloud case management software. Even when you are outside of the office, you will be able to access documents that will be critical in a case.

  1. Redefine Billing

Gone where the day when you have to track your billables manually. That is so old-school! Modern lawyers should exploit new opportunities for billing management. Among others, this can be possible with the use of legal billing software, such as what Rocket Matter provides. Aside from managing billables, it will also be critical in preparing invoices and sending them out to your clients in a timely manner.

  1. Embrace Social Media

In the age of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among other social media platforms, it is important for the 21st-century lawyers to redefine the ways they are getting closer to their clients. Social media marketing can offer tons of benefits for lawyers. Among others, it is known for its extensive reach and economical price. Social media can also help to manage client interactions, bringing lawyers closer to their customers.

  1. Become Paper Light

Taking advantage of digital technologies will reduce the reliance of modern lawyers in paper. A paper to digital transformation will be necessary. This also reduces the need to scour hundreds or even thousands of pages since the files will be made available in a digital format. This also means that they can be accessed even when outside of the office.

  1. Build a Website

It is also necessary to have a website at a time when most of your clients are online. This will make you more visible and will defy boundaries. It is also an effective marketing platform. Nonetheless, not all website will be effective. To start with, it should be optimized to rank high in search engines. Plus, it should be designed in a manner that it is intuitive, which will minimize bounce rates. The website also needs to be engaging, informative, and relevant. Creating a good business website entails the need to consider your target market for it to be effective in captivating their attention.

As it has been discussed above, being a 21st-century lawyer requires the need to embrace contemporary approaches, such as in terms of using a mobile device and taking advantage of social media to improve legal practice, among other things.

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